Why I Should Stay Away From Her


I’ve always been more like Kate.

I was good with discipline for a while, but mostly I was focused on having fun, as I imagine her to be. I’m sure you, too, have seen pictures of her getting a little too carried away, whether tripping her way out of a party or just unabashedly topless, carrying a few extra pounds on a yatch. This intense, fun loving lifestyle is part of my nature and as much as I want to embrace discipline and quit procrastinating, I know I’ll never be full-on Gisele – seemingly perfect, drinks 8 glasses of water, doesn’t drink alcohol, takes excellent care of her skin, eats 100% organic, is always on time. I don’t even want to actually live like that – I just need a shot of it because frankly, I’ve been too much of a Kate for a while…

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