Small Extravagances

This week was all about work, so I felt I could infuse some bits of glamour to get through it. Here’s what I went for.

Les Nuits d’Hadrien, by Annick Goutal, is the one scent I have never grown tired of. I’ve been fooled before by other perfumes, believed I could use them until they were finished, but it happens every time. It’s love at first sniff, five months later, can’t stand it.  I was cautious with this one, not only because it looks so precious, I knew if I could control myself and not wear it every day, I could get to the second bottle – and I have. This is what luxury smells like.

The paillettes on these Miu Mius speak for themselves. I have to say though, no other shoe brings so much fun – the amusement on other people faces (notably girls) is priceless. Apparently they sparkle tremendously, I obviously can’t tell when I’m wearing them…

This is the reason this post’s title is “Small Extravagances” – I wanted to go with “Small Luxuries”, but Zara wouldn’t qualify for that. So extravagances seemed ok, I mean, most people consider leopard to be extravagant, and this is the perfect uplifting coat. You can wear whatever bland nothings, old cotton black leggings underneath and still look fabulous.

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